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So...the question is who - Flourish and Blotts

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September 21st, 2015

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03:38 pm - So...the question is who
Who? Who will be the last candidate standing when the Clown Car drives off the cliff? Who get's the one and only parachute?

So far, Perry has bailed. Now Walker has also. Trump is still in the driver's seat, but it's really hard to imagine he can stay there. Yes, he appeals to a portion of the GOP base, and the more outrageous things he says the more that small group loves him. As a candidate he can say that stuff, but it's hard to believe that people will accept the idea that he's qualified to actually do the job. And, of course, those who oppose the GOP haven't really even started to weigh in. Rmoney's negatives were a big problem last time, and he's small potatoes compared to Trump.

Ben Carson has had a few minutes of fame, but he's also made some truly magnificent blunders, and unlike Trump, he seems to be paying the price. His latest statements regarding the fitness of any Muslim to become President are truly worrying, even though no Muslim candidate is currently running.

Carly sounded good in taking on Trump, but her record of cutting jobs, exporting jobs, and raising her own pay will sink her. In addition, her apparent ability to simply make up stories such as the imagined content of the PP videos will certainly haunt her if she rises near the top anytime soon.

Bush claimed that his brother "kept the country safe" while apparently forgetting that those burning skyscrapers in New York happened because his brother disregarded the intelligence provided by Richard Clarke et al. Yeah, we were real safe under his watch.

So...who's left? Rubio? Perhaps, but he's certainly not a strong figure right now. Christie? Doubtful. His list of transgressions is long, and even the folks of his home state don't want him. Bobby? He's another walking disaster with nothing to offer. In short, I'm stumped to identify who's likely to shake out of this tree, and I'm similarly unable to find any one of them that would likely be a viable candidate in November.

On the other side, I suspect Hillary and Bernie are going to slug it out for a while. I'm not a Hillary fan, but she'd certainly be better than anyone in the Clown Car. More and more people seem to be discovering that Bernie has some pretty good ideas, and nobody has identified a major problem with him...other than the assumption that though they like him he can't win. If enough people who claim to like him actually vote for him he will win. In fact, right now he seems like the odds-on favorite if he can clear that hurdle. Another year of campaigning could well change that a lot.

The latest polls say that Hillary gained some ground, or rather re-took some ground. However, the proof will be when the actual voting starts. If Bernie can take Iowa and/or New Hampshire everything changes. Those who want him, but are scared he can't win will start singing a different tune.

In the meantime, I'm staying tuned to the Clown Car Channel. It's a great show. "Jarvis, could you please make some more popcorn?"

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