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It's not a solution...and the fuse continues to burn - Flourish and Blotts

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October 25th, 2015

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09:58 am - It's not a solution...and the fuse continues to burn
Paul Ryan has agreed to become the next Speaker of the House.

Don't confuse this with a solution to anything. At best, it might kick the can down the road, and at worst, it likely just kicks the can into the ditch.

There are three insolvable problems that this change in leadership cannot, and will not, solve.

1. The extremists in the GOP aren't going to do anything different. They will still demand that everyone march to their drummer, even though they know that anything they pass will either die in the Senate or face a veto that they can't override. Their take no prisoners approach isn't going to change at all.

2. Ryan will not work with the Democrats in the House, any more than Boehner did. He can't. They could conceivable forge a workable majority between the Democrats and the more moderate GOP members, but that idea, while actually doable, flies in the face of reality. See #1 above! If Ryan were to reach out, he'd be immediately crucified. So...he'll have to try to run the House just as Boehner did, bringing forward bills that can pass the Freedom Caucus test...and that means...nothing but more attempts to repeal the ACA. Budgets? Not a chance. Progress on things that matter to the American People? Never gunna happen!

3. Ryan has, to this point, been able to create his magic budgets using magic asterisks and unspecified future revenues and such. Those days are done. If he actually tries to propose another one of those, the whole House will be destroyed by the American People. Cuts to social programs, increased spending for the military, and additional tax cuts and loopholes for the rich aren't going to work, and with 2016 looming, he'll only ensure the GOP takes a horrendous hit a year from now. They likely can't lose the House, due purely to voter suppression and gerrymandering, but they can, and will, lose the Senate and the White House.

The Great GOP Implosion continues, and everywhere we look there is nothing but shrapnel flying. When this bomb finally explodes, the body count is going to be monumental.

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