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The state of things...... - Flourish and Blotts

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October 3rd, 2016

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11:55 am - The state of things......
More than a year ago I predicted the demise of the Republican party. That's really no claim to fame since almost everyone can see how this debacle ends. I didn't predict that Drumpf would become their nominee, but honestly it's almost unimportant with regards to the ultimate outcome. There is, however, something I think is just starting to be revealed.

When Drumpf decided to run it seemed a bit crazy. The only thing he had going for him, other than his wealth, was the idea of being a true outsider. That was valid. He was, and remains, an outsider. It's likely that that alone would be enough to make him a somewhat viable candidate. It certainly should, especially when Hillary can easily be seen as the ultimate insider.

However, I think Drumpf completely underestimated one important thing.

Considering his lack of experience, and more importantly his lack of elective office experience, he'd never been vetted for such a job. A normal candidate has had a lot of history exposed, both good and bad. We probably dig too deep looking for dirt, but it's reality. Reporters and others have likely interviewed everyone who ever knew Hillary, from the nurse in the nursery who tended to her first hours, to every school teacher and professor, to co-workers and whatever. Personally I think we go way overboard on that stuff, but it's what happens.

So...those "stories" have been heard before. In fact, I doubt there is anything remotely significant about Hillary that hasn't been made public, and that's not counting the thousands of lies concocted by the GOP to tarnish her record. We've been treated to the scandal-de-jour for years now.

However, Drumpf was able to write his own narrative before the campaign. In his book The Art of the Deal he painted himself as a shrewd businessman who made millions because he could make deals. He trumpeted his wins, and blamed his losses on others. He told the story the way he wanted it heard, and he was always the winner.

Now, however, largely because he won't take the tough questions or accept any responsibility, his true record is being exposed. He's been sued many times for discrimination, but his response is always I didn't admit any fault. Surprise! He never admits fault for anything. It's always somebody else's fault.

He's stiffed innumerable contractors and employees. Some have filed suits or claims, and if they stick it out they win. He doesn't want to talk about those things. He denies they ever happened. And, in at least some cases he paid off the results using other people's money donated to his namesake charitable foundation.

Now we've found out that this man who claims his best qualification for the office of President is his outstanding business record actually lost nearly a billion dollars running a casino, the one business where the rules actually guarantee you a profit! This is hardly the "successful businessman" he likes to portray.

In the next five weeks this is only going to get worse. I'm sure there are more stories in the pipeline, and the pressure to respond to them is going to grow. He won't share his tax returns, and now we can be pretty certain why. He can scream and yell and lie all he wants, but the truth is coming out regardless.

Now, none of this is going to matter to his supporters, partly because they'll believe anything he says and partly because a percentage of them just plain hate Hillary so he's the obvious option. Those folks like what he says, without every recognizing that he doesn't say anything at all.

Ultimately Drumpf will go down as perhaps the greatest con man in history. He campaigned for an office he really doesn't want, and isn't remotely qualified to do, simply because it fed his ego and made him a lot of money. He openly insulted every demographic group in the world. He became, or always was, the 21st century Hitler, and his campaign explains the answer to that long-debated question How did the German people end up with the Nazi party?

When all the dust settles in November the GOP will a a huge wasteland. There are no leaders. There are no ideas. There are no principles. There will, in fact, be no party. The once-proud party of Lincoln will be gone, swept into the dust bin of history. There will likely still be a Tea Party, making loud, obnoxious noises but doing nothing else. They will decry the outcome while never realizing they brought it upon themselves.

And...there will be Drumpf. He will claim all sorts of alternate realities. He will blame the GOP for not getting on board with him. He will claim the vote was rigged. He will claim election fraud. He will blame everyone else, because he is psychologically unable to deal with the reality that he was the problem. And, he'll go back to being a con man, though in this case his con may be called. The trial for Drumpf University is going to be covered more closely than the Lindbergh kidnapping, and we can count on yet more not-my-fault reactions when he's found guilty. It's also entirely possible that he'll be sued or charged with other stuff once he's off the stage. Maybe he can share a cell with Bernie Madoff, another rich guy con man. That would somehow be a fitting end.

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